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A few keypoints are essential for the Callipari Law Firm:
We devote much attention to the preparation of our employees and their ongoing training through a constant professional updating, which also involves the writing of various publications and attending conferences.
One of our main goals is to create and maintain a team of professionals with specific knowledge in the various fields covered by the firm.
The Callipari Law Firm promotes the development and the constant expansion of its team.
The requirements for the selection of the people who desire to collaborate with us are:

- Having earned a mark of at least 100/110
- Flexibility and availability
- Good computer skills and aptitude in the use of technology
- Well-groomed appearance
- Good knowledge of at least one foreign language

To send your CV

In order to be considered as a possible candidate in our organization, you may send a copy of your CV to our email address callipari@callipari.net, or directly fill out the form.